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Arkansas River Fishing Report

The Arkansas River has been fishing very well recently and with the extended forecast showing nothing but beautiful fall weather, we should see consistent fishing for the foreseeable future.  This time of year is all about proper fly depth, fish will move around quite a bit so tweaking your rig and fishing the entire water column throughout the day is crucial.

Generally in the mornings when water temps are colder fish will be laying in the deeper, slower water of a run and as temps warm up they will start to move up into the head of the run into faster riffles.  We are still finding fish in very fast water similar to the type of water you would fish in August.  

Nymphing will be your most productive technique this time of year but there is still a good chance of finding fish eating baetis emergers and even some adults off the surface.  Stripping streamers has also been very productive.

Suggested Flies:

 Purple Quill Body Jig, Two Bit Hooker Yellow #16-18, Duracell’s #14-16, Soft Hackle PT’s #12-16, Frenchies #16-18, Zebra Midge #18-20, Various Colors of Perdigons #14-18, Miracle Midge, Hot Spot Hares Ears #12-16, Chubby Chernobyl #6-14, Sprout #18-20, Almost Dun Baetis #16-18, JJ Bugger #6, Drunk and Disorderly Mini #6, Dungeon Mini #6,  Motor Oil Articulated #6, Circus Peanut #4  

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