Registration for Iron Fly June 12th 2024 is now live!!  Check it out in our events.

Iron Fly Salida

Jun 12, 2024 7:00 pm - 9:00 PM

Iron Fly is brought to you by The Next Eddy and Pesca Vida. 12 competitors will tie their hearts out while we throw as many curve balls at them as we can. 3 rounds to test your skills, each with its own unique challenges, all leading to the main event: the Iron Fly. But this is not your grandpa’s fly tying competition; have you ever tied a fly with a dog toy? With a cotton ball? Possibly with your own body hair?? Anything is possible in this competition and being creative and able to tie on the fly will get you the win!

Only 12 spots available.  Lots of great prizes to be announced!

Register here!



Tres Litroes Beer Company Downtown Salida