South Platte Report

May 10, 2022

The South Platte River “Dream Stream” has been fishing ok as of late.  Flows have been stable and Midges and Mayfly’s have been the main hatches.  Covering a lot of ground this time of year is key to find feeding fish.  Nymphing slow deep pools on colder mornings is still the name of the game right now but be prepared for fish to move up into riffles at the head of the run as temperatures rise in the afternoons.  Be mindful of any redds (cleaned or cleared out portions of the river bed where fish have recently spawned).  Walking on a redd will destroy all the hard work trout have just done and ultimately hurt future trout populations.

Suggested Flies:

Miracle Midge #18-22, Mayhem Midge #20, Element Midge Hi Vis #20, RS2 Black Foam #20, Red Copper John #18-20, Glow Bugs #16-18, B’s Perdigon Black #20, Boroff’s Hot Belly Baetis #22, San Juan Worm #10-16, P.S. Micro Leech #14, Mini Dungeon Black/Olive #6, Circus Peanut #4



Above Spinney Reservoir


cubic ft/sec

Above Eleven Mile Reservoir


cubic ft/sec

About the river

The South Platte River is located a little over an hours drive east of Salida. The ‘Dream Stream’ section in between Spinney and Eleven Mile Reservoirs is known for it’s large migratory trout entering the river from Eleven Mile Reservoir in the spring and fall. Large number of Kokanee Salmon also move into the river in the fall. As the Kokanee begin to spawn, sight fishing to large trout feeding on their eggs is the name of the game. This tail water is not an easy fishery by any means but can be extremely rewarding for the persistent angler.

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